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The city and sea forecasts in this site are presented in the form of outlook tables. Forecasts are available for three days and they are provided at 6-h intervals. Wind speed in city forecasts is given in kilometres/hour (km/h) while over the sea is given in knots (kn). Surface pressure is given in hectoPascals (hPa) which is the same unit as the old-fashioned millibars.

Weather status is presented through symbols. If during a 6-hour period the model predicts rain, thunderstorm or snow over a location, the corresponding symbol is put on the table, regardless if at the time of the forecast the phenomenon has stopped. Otherwise the sky coverage at the time of forecast is given (clear, few clouds, broken sky, overcast).


clear sky

light rain
clear sky
thin high clouds
few clouds

broken sky


If you click on the button "at a glance" you have access to quicklook maps of the weather over preselected areas in Europe. For the detailed city forecasts you have always to choose a country on the drop-down menu on the upper part of the left column.

For more info about the way forecasts are provided, you can contact us.


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